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Learning one layer above and below

Many years back I heard from somewhere that you should learn one layer above and below where you do most of your work. This was specifically for programming and implied your programming stack. For example, I do a lot of work in Ruby on Rails which is a server-side framework. What I learned then was: …

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Weekly Tech Learning

Most web developers know that the tech industry moves at an accelerated pace, with hundreds (thousands?) of new technologies to try out that all promise to make our jobs [easier|faster|more efficient|stronger|more shiny]. The problem is time. How do you know which technology is worth your time to learn? Which ones will actually deliver and make …

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Just One Thing a Day

It’s time I share my secret formula I’ve been using to be successful: Do one thing each day to grow towards who you want to become (it’s a common secret) That’s it. No magic 12 step program, no killer coaching system (though they will give you direction and accelerate the learning). Just one improvement after …

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