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Just One Thing a Day

It’s time I share my secret formula I’ve been using to be successful: Do one thing each day to grow towards who you want to become (it’s a common secret) That’s it. No magic 12 step program, no killer coaching system (though they will give you direction and accelerate the learning). Just one improvement after …

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Interesting Links #7

In order to become a great business, you need to push yourself to become great first. This requires that you get out of your comfort zone: Why I Don’t Work Hourly And Neither Should You – time is our only resource we will never get back. Why do we put such a low value on …

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Interesting Links #6

Alan Weiss says if by improving only 1% every day, in 70 days you are twice as good. Who can’t do 1% each day? With the idea of small improvements, these links are all ways you can improve your business that little bit every day: 25 Freelance Tips for Maximizing Your Income 7 Things You …

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