Ruby and Rails Programming



I’ve used capistrano to deploy my Ruby (and PHP) apps for years. It’s one of the best automation tools I’ve seen. I’ve also done a code reading series on it that digs into how the actual deployment process happens (above).


I’m always looking for or creating my own tools to help with Ruby development. Sometimes these tools become useful enough that I’ll share them or open source them.


Every Ruby developer loves testing right? Right?


Since Redmine’s codebase was in a pretty poor shape I started a daily series to refactor it and show how I did it. This series ended up being used as the source for Refactoring Redmine (after a bunch of editing).

For the full series, visit the Refactoring Redmine page.

Daily Code Reading

As an experiment I dedicated some time each day to read Ruby code from libraries and gems. This helped me see a bunch of other styles of developers and also gave me in-depth knowledge of how those libraries worked.