Graph your life in Ruby

I been wanted to keep a log my life a bit better than just my completed TODO list but have not found an easy way to do it until now. I saw Erik Benson’s Website the other day and notice his “Morale-O-Meter” that was generated using Gruff.

Since I just started to play with Gruff and RMagick recently, I decided to try to create a low maintenance easy to use “Ruby”: script to generate my own graph.

It took only an hour or so to hack after I got my development environment setup again, so it is pretty simple. It just uses a yaml file where you would enter the data and then the script would generate your graph from that data. So every night before bed I take three minutes to add in more data, run the script, and sftp it to my webserver.

Here is a small example:

! Image of my Life Graph)!:

If you would like to download the code to use or just to look at, it is available here. I have released it under the MIT License, so feel free to take and use as you want.

Post your links to your life graphs.

Eric Davis