Capistrano Variables

Capistrano Variables

While reading through Capistrano’s code I’ve come across many the variables used to configure deploy.rb. So I don’t forget them when I need them, I’ll document them here:

  • application – required
  • repository – required
  • scm – defaults to :subversion
  • deploy_via – defaults to :checkout
  • revision – defaults to the latest head version
  • rails_env – defaults to ‘production’
  • rake – defaults to ‘rake’
  • sourceCapistrano::Deploy::SCM object
  • real_revision
  • strategyCapistrano::Deploy::Strategy object defined by deploy_via
  • release_name – timestamp in the form of “%Y%m%d%H%M%S”
  • version_dir – defaults to ‘releases’
  • shared_dir – defaults to ‘shared’
  • shared_children – defaults to ['public/system', 'log', 'tmp/pids']
  • current_dir – defaults to ‘current’
  • releases_path – path of deploy_to + version_dir (e.g. /u/apps/example/releases )
  • shared_path – path of deploy_to + shared_dir (e.g. /u/apps/example/shared )
  • current_path – path of deploy_to + current_dir (e.g. /u/apps/example/current )
  • release_path – path of releases_path + release_name (e.g. /u/apps/example/releases/20100624000000 )
  • releases – list of releases, found by running ls -x
  • current_release – path of releases_path + last release (e.g. /u/apps/example/releases/20100624000000 )
  • previous_release – path of releases_path + previous release (e.g. /u/apps/example/releases/20100623000000 )
  • current_revision – revision id of the current release, found in the REVISION file
  • latest_revision – revision id of the latest release
  • previous_revision – revision id of the previous release
  • run_method – either :run or :sudo depending on if :use_sudo is set
  • latest_release – release path or the current release depending on if the current symlink is valid
  • maintenence_basename – defaults to “maintenance”. This and maintenence_tempate_path are used to customize the page shown when the application is disabled (e.g. cap deploy:web:disable)
  • maintenence_template_path – defaults to the ‘templates/maintenance.rhtml’ path
  • migrate_env
  • migrate_target – the version to migrate to. Defaults to :latest.

All of these variables come from lib/capistrano/recipes/deploy.rb.

Updated for Capistrano 2.15.4 on 2013-09-19.

Download a handy copy of every capistrano variable


    • Eric Davis says:

      They might have. Some of the more important ones like repository, deploy_via, and scm are still used since those are what you use to configure capistrano. I’ll do a refresh of the variables based on the latest version.

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