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Speeding up Capistrano Deployments from 6 Minutes to 9 Seconds by Skipping Asset Compilation

By skipping assets:precompile when assets haven’t changed, I’ve reduced my deployment time from 6 minutes to 9.6 seconds. I’ve been practicing semi-continuous deployments on Chirk HR since I’ve started (where I am deploying to production as soon as code is useful). I’ve been having a problem with the asset pipeline though because the assets:precompile task …

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Capistrano Deploy Sequence

During my last code reading of Capistrano, I traced the deploy recipe to find out what other recipes it uses. Since overriding and hooking into these recipes are used when you customize your application deploy, I wanted to document them here so I can find it again. deploy |-- deploy:update |---- deploy:update_code |------ Code update …

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Capistrano Variables

Capistrano Variables While reading through Capistrano’s code I’ve come across many the variables used to configure deploy.rb. So I don’t forget them when I need them, I’ll document them here: application – required repository – required scm – defaults to :subversion deploy_via – defaults to :checkout revision – defaults to the latest head version rails_env …

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