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Capistrano For ChiliProject

Johan Bruning asked me to share the capistrano configuration I’m using for ChiliProject. This is the exact version I’m using to deploy Little Stream Software’s ChiliProject. Download this file require "bundler/capistrano"   set :application, "chiliproject" set :repository, "git@projects.littlestreamsoftware.app.git" set :scm, :git set :git_enable_submodules,1   # fast_remote_cache is better but requires a plugin set :deploy_via, :remote_cache …

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Capistrano Deploy Sequence

During my last code reading of Capistrano, I traced the deploy recipe to find out what other recipes it uses. Since overriding and hooking into these recipes are used when you customize your application deploy, I wanted to document them here so I can find it again. deploy |-- deploy:update |---- deploy:update_code |------ Code update …

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