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Capistrano For ChiliProject

Johan Bruning asked me to share the capistrano configuration I’m using for ChiliProject. This is the exact version I’m using to deploy Little Stream Software’s ChiliProject. Download this file require "bundler/capistrano"   set :application, "chiliproject" set :repository, "git@projects.littlestreamsoftware.app.git" set :scm, :git set :git_enable_submodules,1   # fast_remote_cache is better but requires a plugin set :deploy_via, :remote_cache …

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Run rake tasks in emacs with rinari

I use emacs and rinari when I’m working on ChiliProject. I learned from reading Continuous Testing is that I should be able to run all of my tests with a single key command in an IDE. Unfortunately, ChiliProject’s full test suite takes about 20 minutes to run on my desktop (a whole different problem I’ll be …

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Simple Recurring Todo Items In Ruby

I use my simple Emacs Todo mode to keep track of my todo items but one thing that I’ve been missing has been recurring tasks. A calendar with recurring events works okay but I still have to remember to copy them into my todo list or I forget about them. So tonight I whipped up …

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