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Developing on a VPS

Everyone should take some time now and then to look for optimizations in their work environment. For a software developer like myself, this usually involves tools. Also, as a freelancer there are a lot of optimizations that can be done in getting a new client setup, both the business processes (onboarding) as well as getting …

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Fog – Automating Cloud Servers

This post is part of my weekly tech learning series, where I take one hour each week to try out a piece of technology that I’d like to learn. Today I decided to try something new. Since I’ve been working with JavaScript libraries for the past few weeks, I wanted to go in a completely …

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Capistrano For ChiliProject

Johan Bruning asked me to share the capistrano configuration I’m using for ChiliProject. This is the exact version I’m using to deploy Little Stream Software’s ChiliProject. Download this file require "bundler/capistrano"   set :application, "chiliproject" set :repository, "git@projects.littlestreamsoftware.app.git" set :scm, :git set :git_enable_submodules,1   # fast_remote_cache is better but requires a plugin set :deploy_via, :remote_cache …

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