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Redmine Tip – Edit User Email Notifications

Redmine sends email notifications when specific events occur. Who gets notified about the event depends on the event and each user’s preference. Normally you will want to let users choose the setting that fits their email usage but on fast moving projects it can be useful to make sure everyone is notified of every change. …

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Redmine Tip – Archive Old Projects

As you use Redmine and ChiliProject you’ll probably be adding more projects to keep things organized. After awhile though you’ll end up with a lot of projects, many of which are complete. What you will want to do is to Archive the old projects. Archiving will hide the project from all parts of the system …

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Redmine Tip – Search Shortcut

As your Redmine grows you will find yourself spending more time searching for information. Today’s tip is about the search feature and will help you save a few seconds each time you use it. The search field in Redmine has what is called an access key. Access keys are triggered using keyboard shortcuts in your …

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