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Trust Marker #1: Branded Email

When approaching someone online, one of the first things they’ll see is your name and email address. You can’t easily change your name legally, but you do have control over your email address. Having an email address from your own domain these days is a must-have. Consider the following addresses and think about how much …

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Freelance Chi

I’m now running a free, once-weekly email newsletter for freelancers and consultants called Freelance Chi. When you subscribe you’ll get an email every week with a collection of news and resources about freelancing. Rates Finding clients Contracts Marketing Handling clients The first issue will be going out this Friday the 17th so subscribe now if …

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Email Communication

Email has become a major means of communication for the majority of computer users. As an avid email user, I have collected some tips over time to get your point across using email. Use meaningful subject line – Your email will show up showing only the subject line when users first see it, so you …

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