Redmine Timesheet plugin – v0.3.0

I’ve just released an update to Timesheet plugin for Redmine.


There are a few minor updates in this release, I fixed one bug in the calendar popup and have redesigned the form to use the screen real estate better.

  • Feature #710: Wrap all common elements in fieldsets
  • Feature #1223: Cleanup the Filter UI to not use as much screen space.
  • Bug #1267: No action taken on selection of date

You can see more details on the Activity and Roadmap pages.


As part of my infatuation with git, this project is now hosted on GitHub.

  1. Download the latest zip file from
  2. Unzip the file to your Redmine into vendor/plugins
  3. Restart your Redmine
  1. Open a shell to your Redmine’s vendor/plugins/timesheet_plugin folder
  2. Update your Git copy with git pull
  3. Restart your Redmine

To migrate from the svn copy to the git copy you will need to remove the plugin and reinstall it. Just remove the vendor/plugins/timesheet_plugin directory and follow the directions below.


If you are installing a fresh copy, follow these steps:

  1. Download the plugin. There are three supported ways:
  2. Downloading the latest archive file from Little Stream Software projects
  3. Checkout the source from Git

    cd vendor/plugins/ && git clone git:// timesheet_plugin

  4. Install it using Rail’s plugin installer

    script/plugin install git://

  5. Install the plugin as described at (this plugin doesn’t require migration).

  6. Login to your Redmine install as an Administrator.
  7. Enable the “Run Timesheet” permissions for your Roles.
  8. Add the “Timesheet module” to the enabled modules for your project.
  9. The link to the plugin should appear on that project’s navigation.
What’s next

Since I don’t have the time to add a bunch of new features, I’m going to work with the Redmine core developers and try to migrate the Timesheet plugin’s features into the Redmine core.


If you need help you can leave a comment here or enter an issue directly into my bug tracker.



  1. Eric Eckberg says:


    Thanks for the new version. Having the Filters across the screen is a major improvement.

    I’ve modified the layout to only include date, comment, and hours for my reporting needs. Now I just need to figure out how to create a new plugin that doesn’t report by project but by Activity. I create an Activity for each client to group what is billable to each client across multiple projects. For reporting to my clients, I just need a list of comments by date, the project information isn’t required. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for a great plug-in!

  2. edavis10 says:

    Eric Eckberg: To change the grouping to Activity, you would need to change lines 43 to 66 of the controller so @@entries@ are keyed to the Activity instead of the Project. The view might need minor updates for language terms also.

  3. Filip says:

    Hello Eric,
    Time Sheet is very useful plugin!
    Can I suggest small improvement?
    I think that option to show only active users (it could be default) will help to more user friendly view.

  4. edavis10 says:

    Flip: That’s a great idea. I think it would also be useful on the projects too, my inactive project list is starting to grow a lot.

    Thank you for the suggestion.

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