Inbound and outbound marketing

There are two schools of thought for marketing. Outbound marketing Inbound marketing You’ve been exposed to both of them, but perhaps you haven’t realized it. Outbound marketing is a type of marketing where a company (you) push out a marketing message to someone (customer, the market, etc). Inbound marketing is where you make your marketing …

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How to really find clients

Now you should have everything in your marketing foundation. Your goals and objectives for your freelance business A clear picture of who your ideal client is Services and solutions to solve the problems your client has Trust markers to accelerate the relationship building with your clients The time has come to start looking for clients. …

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Setting project minimums

Now you’re ready to really start finding clients. In fact, by now you might even be attracting them. One thing you need to decide soon is what your project minimums will be. A project minimum is the minimum amount of budget and time a project has to have before you’d even consider looking at it. …

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