Redmine Email Keyword Cheatsheet

I use the IMAP email integration with Redmine all the time. It’s an easy way to send updates to Redmine’s issue tracker and I clients love using it. But I always forget what keywords I can use to update the issue. So I’d end up opening the documentation or the code and wasting a bunch of time.

Well, no longer.

I’ve gone through Redmine’s code and have created a cheatsheet of how the email integration works, including a list of valid keywords. I’ve made this available as a free download, feel free to grab a copy and share.


  1. mungojerry says:

    Shame that the author cannot be redefined – when you are forwarding mail from a user to enter it into the ticket queue as a new ticket, it’s good to be able to modify the author so that the ticket is not appearing as my own.

    • edavis10 says:

      I have some private code I’ve written for a client that lets a user change the author of an issue. It’s only the web user interface but once I can get it included into the official Redmine core, it would be easy to add an email keyword for setting the author.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This feature is pretty cool for updating existing bugs too.
    I just didn’t get if there is a way to update some other than listed fields (e.g. done_ratio or time_entry[hours]). I tried ‘Custom Fields’ but maybe in a wrong way. Can you help with that?

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