ChiliProject – a community fork of Redmine

I’ve been really quiet around here and on Twitter recently but I’m now ready to announce what I’ve been working on the past few months.

Several other members of the Redmine community and I have forked Redmine and started a new project, ChiliProject.

If I could summarize our goals with ChiliProject in one word, that would be transparency.

We are setting up a transparent project governance, a transparent roadmap, and especially a transparent development process. This means that just about every decision and action done in the project will be done in a way that anyone in the community can review or participate in.

We have some really ambitious goals for ChiliProject over the next year but I think by building a strong community we can totally reach them all.

I’ll be writing more and more about ChiliProject here at but if you want to get all of the official announcements and news we have setup a dedicated ChiliProject blog.


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