A Fresh look and Feel

Some of you may have noticed the new design here and on LittleStreamSoftware.com. For the past two years, both sites have been using free templates for their design. The templates were good but they were not showing off the quality of work I do. So with the help from Selene from iDesignStudios, we created an completely custom design that ties both sites together. Selene created a few beautiful HTML templates which I then sliced into the webgen and Mephisto backends. The process wasn’t difficult but was time consuming porting all my content over. During this time, I took the opportunity to update my copy and add tons of new screenshots to my portfolio.

I’m planning on writing up a few posts about customizing webgen for Little Stream Software. It’s a really good system if you are just want static HTML pages but the documentation is hard to find and follow. A few of the customizations I did was to automatically resize images, generate a htaccess file for redirects, and dynamically pull in pages of content.

I’ve also setup a UserVoice forum with the list of writing ideas I’ve had. I’d love to get some feedback on which ideas would be the most useful or even if you have a question about Ruby on Rails, Redmine, or software contracting. Just click on the blue Feedback button on the right side of the page.



  1. Selene M. Bowlby says:

    Congratulations on the launch, Eric! It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m so glad you like the new design. I hope the new site helps boost business!

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