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Advanced Whitepapers

Previously you learned about writing and promoting whitepapers. Those two steps alone will get you some results – you might even be able to close a client from your first whitepaper. But there is much more you can do. Each whitepaper you create is a valuable piece of content. It’s a document you can share, …

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Whitepaper Promotion

By now you’re gotten an idea about why you’d want to create a whitepaper for your potential clients. You may have started creating one, or even have one finished by now. The next step is to put together a way to promote it. Just creating a whitepaper doesn’t make potential clients to come banging on …

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Marketing with Whitepapers

By this point you’ve probably noticed that writing is a skill that I use a lot in my marketing. Like blog posts. Or my newsletter. But sometimes it makes sense to write something longer. Ebooks can work but they come with their own risks. And besides, how many free ebooks have you read yourself? The …

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