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Interesting Links #1

I’ve been reading up a lot on different ways to manage code using SCM systems because my current ones take way to long to do anything advanced. How to use Piston to ease your upgrades – Piston looks like an easy way to work with upstream svn repositories. Currently, I do a huge hack of …

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Subversion blame

While reading about git I found a feature of Subversion that I never used. It’s called svn blame and will show each line of a file with information about who last changed that line and in what revision. Running svn blame vendor/plugins/project_scores_plugin/init.rb for one of my Redmine plugins shows this: 2 edavis # Redmine sample …

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Subversion in my ~/Home

Today I finished importing my home directory into Subversion. I did this because I needed an easy way to keep files in sync between my desktop and laptop and rsync was not cutting it. I first thought of this after reading the new O’Rielly book on Safari called Mind Performance Hacks. There is a hack …

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