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Daily Code Reading #11 – Rack::Staging

I’m looking at the Rack::Staging middleware today. This middleware looks like a great idea for staging servers, since it requires all requests to have a valid staging code (cookie). If a user doesn’t have one yet, you can create an HTML page that lets them submit their staging code. The Code 1 2 3 4 …

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17 Rack Middlewares I want to use

Since I’ve reviewed five different Rack middlewares this week, I thought it would be useful to list the other ones I’m interested in. Some are great for production deployments, some are great for development, and some are just plain silly. DbIndexes – shows the database indexes used by ActiveRecord on the page. OnlyForMe – simple …

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Daily Code Reading #9 – Rack::StaticFallback

Today I’m looking at another rack middleware from coderack.org called Rack::StaticFallback. This middleware is useful in development if you have users upload files to an application and you don’t want to always grab copies of those files when you develop locally. Rack::StaticFallback will rewrite requests to those files and use the actual files from the …

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