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How to really find clients

Now you should have everything in your marketing foundation. Your goals and objectives for your freelance business A clear picture of who your ideal client is Services and solutions to solve the problems your client has Trust markers to accelerate the relationship building with your clients The time has come to start looking for clients. …

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Trust Marker #2: Simple Site

"You have to have a website" "Every business must have a blog" "You need to write daily" "Get your audience to engage with you by socializing your media and distributing it across the content aggregator" Ever heard this advice? I thought so. Business websites have been around long enough that everyone has an opinion on …

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Trust Marker #1: Branded Email

When approaching someone online, one of the first things they’ll see is your name and email address. You can’t easily change your name legally, but you do have control over your email address. Having an email address from your own domain these days is a must-have. Consider the following addresses and think about how much …

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