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Three Book Diet

I’ve mentioned it before that I really enjoy reading but have found myself consuming too much information without applying it. There are dozens of books that I’ve read, all of which had good ideas for my life or business, but I haven’t put the work in and took action on those ideas. With the birth …

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Business Model Generation

  I just finished Business Model Generation this week and I have to say, wow. This was the first paper book I read in 2011 (the rest are ebooks). Even with my “schooling” and a lot of practical business experience, I still had a lot of eye opening moments. The two best parts of the …

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Reading List

Current JavaScript: The Definitive Guide – Programming Beautiful Code – Software Development The E-Myth Contractor – Business Micro-ISV – Business Book Yourself Solid – Business Revelation Space – Fiction Next Adding Ajax – Programming Introduction to Algorithms – Programming The Design of Everyday Things – Business Good to Great – Business Growing a Business – …

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