Freelancing Digest Issue #93 – Change, Email marketing

Are you changing this just because it makes you more comfortable?

Curtis McHale writes that sometimes we force change onto clients just so we can be more comfortable. As someone who has spent years working on projects to clean up messes from "the new shiny thing", I can attest that change wasn’t beneficial for most clients.

Why you need to repeat yourself via email

I believe every consultant should do some form of email marketing to nurture your leads into clients. One common objection to this is saying "but I don’t want to email too much". Philip Morgan shares a recent story from his marketing that shows why you’re not emailing enough.

The Freelancer’s Guide to Long-Term Contracts SPONSOR

Long-term contracts have been the one technique that really made my freelance business a success. So successful in fact that I’m able to work one week each month, taking the rest of the month off, and still make enough to live off of. This training teaches you how.

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