Your Marketing Game

As promised, here are 8 steps to Turn your Marketing into a Fun Game.

1. Brainstorm

Write down all the ways you are marketing right now, the ideas you want to try, and anything else you heard of. Don’t worry about how hard or efficient each idea is yet, you just want stockpile of ideas right now.

2. Rate each idea

Take a few minutes per idea and rate it on how much work is required and how rewarding it will be. Keep your ratings simple, I used high, medium, and low. If you don’t know, take a guess.

3. Collect the High Rewards

Collect all your high reward ideas and separate them from the rest of your ideas. These are the ideas you will be focusing on.

4. Sort the ideas by effort

Sort your high reward ideas based on the amount of work. What you are looking for are the ideas that will give you the most reward for the least amount of work. These will be the cornerstone of your game.

5. Commit a set amount of time

Decide how much time you can budget for marketing every week based on your workloads. You want to know how much time you have available when you are:

  • barely busy
  • busy
  • over committed (my standard operating condition )

I picked 10 hours for barely busy, 6 hours for busy, and 3 hours for over committed. These will be your budgets for your levels:

  • Level One – over committed
  • Level Two – busy
  • Level Three – barely busy

6. Add tasks to fill out your levels

Using only the high reward ideas, pick out enough tasks to fill out each of your Levels. Ideally you will want 3-5 tasks per level.

7. Evaluate and tweak

Give your levels a quick evaluation to make sure they sounds like will work together. You should be making sure your levels are full of tasks that:

  • will energize you
  • motivate you to reach a higher level
  • are not dependent on any other task

If your tasks look unbalanced, move them around until you are happy with your mix.

8. Set goals to reach a level every week

Now that you have a game plan, we need to commit to reaching specific levels each week. To start out, try to complete Level 1 every week. After several weeks, you will start to form a habit and routine around those tasks. Then move on to Level 2.


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