Personality Quirks – the Other Subatomic Particles

I’ve been tagged by Shane, he’s looking for 7 of my personality quirks. Here’s what I could come up with, when my wife gets home she’ll get out her list. I think she just upgraded to a three ring binder.

1. I have to have something in my hands at all times

Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I always have to have something in my hands to fidget with. When I’m on the phone it’s usually a pen or a set of Magnetix. If I’m out walking it’s usually my keys or my jacket pockets.

2. I hate having my food touch

I’m getting better with this but I cannot eat food that is touching. Up until about a year ago, when someone cooked spaghetti I would require them to separate the pasta from the sauce. This hit a wall when I discovered that I love Chinese food.

3. Swim? You mean like what the fishes do?

Like WAH(web)Mommy I cannot swim. Even being born in San Luis Obispo didn’t help. Of course, being 6 foot tall I can bounce my way around a pool, while entertaining onlookers.

4. I rock my chairs to death

Whenever I am sitting, I tend to rock back and forth. Because of this I’ve gone through about four office chairs in the past two years. My last chair actually broke the internal tension spring, you know the one that is half inch steel and weighs 3 pounds. Thankfully I get Staple’s one year no questions asked warranty.

5. I have three hands; right, left, and mouth

Whenever my hands are full (see #1) and I still have something I need it hold, it goes into my mouth. Pens, documents, books, iPods… nothing is safe.

6. I have the attention span of a butterfly

In the time it took me to write up this post I’ve:

  • sorted some books
  • checked my mail
  • answered a phone call
  • opened a window
  • built a new desk toy
  • weighed my water cup
  • checked on my garden
  • read a blog
  • carried on an IM conversation
  • checked my mail again

What was I writing about again? Oh yea, attention. Amazingly the only thing I can really focus on is coding, I just get into a flow and magically everything goes away.

7. I can’t waste electricity

Call me green or eco-friendly or whatever but I hate seeing electricity wasted. If a light or TV is left on, even for minute I shut it off. I unplug my cell phone charger when it’s not in use. I refuse to use non-rechargeable batteries

The ironic thing is I keep my computers on all the time. I guess I see them as an essential appliance, like a refrigerator. Refrigerator keeps food cold, computer keeps bits hot.

Whats the funniest personality quirk you have?


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  1. Peter Chester says:

    Ok, that’s pretty funny.

    on the electricity note, i often have to fight my urge to not flush the toilet after peeing because i don’t want to waste electricity.

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