New blog sections and feeds

In order to organize my articles, I split my blog into four sections now:

  1. Home – all articles from Business and Tech
  2. Business – articles about running my business and freelancing
  3. Tech – articles about technology and software development
  4. Link Blog – posts with links to content I come across that I found interesting and want to share

Another benefit of this split, I now have four RSS feeds to cater to your specific content need. So if your only interested on my freelancing articles, you can subscribe to the Business feed. If you want to follow my progress with Ruby on Rails, my Tech Feed is where you want to be.

All the feeds are listed on the sidebar and below.



One comment

  1. Joshua Clanton says:

    That’s a cool way of doing things. Could be useful to those who are only interested in one or two of your subjects. I’m staying subscribed to th full feed, though. :-)

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