Emacs Planner.el and GTD

I have just setup my emacs to use planner.el as my organization. After playing around with it for two days, I have my ‘one text file’ of next actions moved over to it. I really like the way it works, where your ‘projects’ are automatically updated based off a change you make in a context or a day. The only complaint that I have is that is is now a bit harder for me to find a task (i.e. “Do I have a task about catching up on my podcasts and where is it?”). I could always resort to using grep but the incremental highlighting search in Emacs just got so easy (C-s).

Planner screenshot

Here is a screenshot of my todo list as of right now just before I go to bed; there is actually two buffers, the top is some keybinding I am learning and the lower is an actual ‘day’ page for today.

  • Priorities are in Red/Green/Blue and called ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’. Since I am using GTD I decided to use them to sort my tasks between Work and Home (‘B’ is Home ‘C’ is work)
  • Each item that is the light blue and underline is a WikiLink to another page, for example the ComputerHome links to my ‘Computer at Home’ context and PerfectSoftware links to my project.
  • Each new page/day get the list of links at the bottom which go to each of my contexts. This is setup as a template in my .emacs file.

Once I run this a bit longer I will try to post my configuration for it, right now it is a bunch of snippet code I found online.

Eric Davis