Creating your first authority piece

Last we talked about authority pieces and how they can really show your clients what you can do.

Today we’re going to create one – or at least create a plan for it.

First though, you need to know this will be an iterative process. Over time, you’ll be creating new authority pieces and refining what you already have.

You don’t need to make the most perfect-awesome-inspiring-emotional-oh-my-god-I-have-to-hire-them piece right away. Focus on making something that’s better than what you have now. If you have nothing right now, then something good is all you need.

The best place to start with an authority piece is to:

  1. Use your strengths, and
  2. Use the same or similar skills that you’re selling to clients.

If you’re a software developer, create some software.

If you’re a web designer, create a website template.

If you’re a business writer, write a whitepaper.

The first time you create an authority piece, you’ll need to limit the amount of time you invest into it. It’s easy to become too ambitious and attempt to do something too big. Aim lower. Remember, this is iterative. You can add to it later if you need to.

I’d recommend that you limit your amount of time creating to four hours.

Four hours will give you enough time to create one idea or solve one simple problem, while still letting you finish.

(Four hours is also about half a day of work which is about how much a client might buy to sample your work.)

Make sure your four hours is in a single block. Don’t split it into one hour a day for four days. You won’t become focused enough.

Now looking at your strengths and the four hour time limit, brainstorm some ideas of what you can finish in that time. Be honest with your time commitment, don’t try to squeeze in an eight hour project.

Once you find one that sounds interesting to you and your ideal clients, start.

You shouldn’t need advice on how to actually create the authority piece. You’re the expert on your subject so you know more about it than I do.

Take the time this week and create your authority piece.

Once you’re done, it’s time to promote it. That’s coming up next.

Eric Davis

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like "the top expert" when creating an authority piece. Focus on providing value to your potential clients. Their skill and knowledge in your specialty is way, way lower than what you think it is.