Stepping down as the ChiliProject Project Lead

On July 30th it was announced that I was stepping down from the project lead of ChiliProject and that Holger Just will be taking over. I wanted to give some details as to why.

Back to January 2012

In the first months of 2012 I took some time off to take care of some health issues, including an over-abundance of stress. The past few years I’ve been pushing myself too hard and wasn’t really taking care of my body or mind, which resulted in too much accumulated stress (and about 15 extra pounds around the waist). My doctor gave me a realty check and told me that I needed to do something to start coping with this stress, especially since we were expected a baby soon.

So I took his advise and cut back on a lot of things. My involvement with ChiliProject was one of them, and that’s why I’ve been absent from the project for the past six months. I thought that I’d be able to come back to ChiliProject after Piper was born and we adjusted to parenthood but that was over-optimism again.

What’s happening now?

I won’t be leading ChiliProject but that doesn’t mean it’s stopping. With Holger Just stepping up as the Project Lead, he and the rest of the core team will be able to make decisions to improve the software faster. I’ll still be contributing some code and opinions from time to time, just not as the Project Lead.

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  1. Hey Eric,

    thanks for the open words. I wish you and your family all the best for the future!
    Many thanks also for all the work that you have done so far for Chiliproject (but also Redmine).

    Greeting, Michael

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