ChiliProject Invoice plugin – first release, v0.1.0

Screenshot of an example invoice
Example invoice

I’m happy to finally release the first public version of my Invoice plugin for ChiliProject. This plugin can be used to create and manage invoices for customers using ChiliProject’s time entries. While this is the first public release, I’ve been using this code at Little Stream Software for all of my invoices since 2008.


  • Listing of current, old, and late invoice
  • Create and manage invoices
  • Automatic invoice creation based on time entries on a project
  • Invoice details based on issues
  • Payments to an invoice
  • Printable view of an invoice


To get a copy of the plugin, you can download it from my ChiliProject or get the source code directly from my GitHub repository

Next version

This version is pretty basic and specific to how I invoice in Little Stream Software, so I’ll be changing a few things in the next version to make it more generic. If you have an idea for a feature or want to send me some code, I’d be happy to have you open a new issue in the project tracker.

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