Final 4 days to Pre-Order Redmine Tips

After several weeks of pre-orders, my ebook Redmine Tips is finishing up this week. This mean that I’ll be closing pre-orders this Friday, September 30th (along with removing the pre-order discount).

Redmine Tips is a collection of productivity tips for Redmine. I’ve discovered them through working and talking to dozens of project managers and hundreds of Redmine users over the past few years.

It includes 50 time saving tips that you can start using today. Not next month. Not next week. Today.

Each and every tip comes from a real question asked by a real person. These aren’t hypothetical techniques that “might” save you time. These are real tips asked by real users.

I’ve organized the tips in several different ways. Each tip is grouped into separate sections like Projects, Issues, and Wikis. Also each tip is indexed by its subject, approximately how much time it would take, and what kind of user account you need (e.g. administrator, project manager).

If you are interested in using Redmine better and want to level up your productivity, Redmine Tips is for you. This week is the last week Redmine Tips will be available at this pre-order price.

P.S. And yes, these tips work on ChiliProject too.