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As I wrote about in a prior post, I have been starting a software company. Now I have gotten it’s website to a stage where it is available to be published. Even though the website appears to be simple, it has some advanced technology behind it. Oh course it is a completely custom site using …

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Starting a software company

Well as of last month I decided to finally create a software company and see what I can turn it into. Starting out I will be focusing on consulting but will eventually try to turn it into a product based company. I will try to post about my progress on the blog here, mostly to …

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Let Users Run the Latest Version Easily

If you are a software developer, you might know how hard it is to keep users running the most up to date versions of your software. WIndows is (in)famous for making users run Software Update all the time or bugging you to update with those silly message bubbles that will not go away. The OSX …

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