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Your Freelancing Goals

I started freelancing with a few years of Ruby experience and about a dozen applications launched into production. So why did I spend a year working on PHP? One important aspect to freelancing, any business actually, is the founder’s goals. Why are you starting this business? What do you want out of it? How do …

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My plan (Part 3/3)

Miss Part 1 or Part 2? Read them here and here first. Let’s recap. Starting a business can be difficult. Starting a freelance business can be even more difficult because 99% of starting a business books are too complex or irrelevant to freelancers. Experiencing uncertainty will happen. Freaking out is caused by too much uncertainty. …

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The plan (Part 2/3)

Miss Part 1? Read it here first. Let’s recap: Freak outs are bad. Uncertainty causes freak outs. Starting a business is full of uncertainty. Therefore, starting a business will cause freak outs. But there is a simple way to reduce the uncertainty with starting a business. I’ve alluded to it last time. … Having a …

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