Freelancing Digest Issue #88 – Deep work, Turning down work

How Deep Work Will Help You De-Stress, Find Fulfillment, and Radically Transform Your Business

Corey Pemberton has an overview of Deep Work which is a way to focus on those important projects so they have an impact on your life. The past couple of months I’ve been doing this and have planned, built, and released three Shopify apps (SaaS products) and have written a few dozen articles to market my business. It works.

Sometimes, Turning Down Work is the Right Choice

Turning down work is a fact of business and this article from Freshbooks goes over 7 reasons to turn down work. Most recently, I’ve been trusting my gut more with clients. Call it experience or intuition, but now I get a feeling early on if they’d be a good or bad client for me.

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