Freelancing Digest Issue #82 – Retainers, Email marketing

The Freelancer’s Guide To Retainers

Brennan Dunn has created a comprehensive guide to retainers for freelancers. I’ve had a few retainers that acted like recurring chunks of hours. While nice for the guaranteed income, he describes much better ways to provide value for your clients (and capture some of that for yourself).

A Sermon About Email Marketing for Independent Consultants (and Freelancers)

There are very few consultants who are using email marketing to its full potential. There is much more you can do with it that will have direct impacts on your marketing. In this article Philip Morgan pushes hard on how much you’re underestimating your value.

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I’ve been a student of Amy Hoy and her 30×500 class for years. She’s now giving away what I consider the very best free summary of the 30×500 process in her Year of Hustle Roadmap.

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