Refactoring Redmine – the first 30 days

It’s hard to believe that a little over one month ago, I unveiled Refactoring Redmine to my private mailing list. Part of me feels like the book has always been for sale, while another part of me feels like it just launched last week…

Since I’m open with much of my business, I wanted to post some details about Refactoring Redmine’s progress so far. Since I love numbers, I’ve been keeping track of the major metrics since I started.

  • 63 copies sold
  • 10 copies sold during the pre-launch week
  • 38 copies sold during the launch week
  • Grossed $2,357, before e-junkie ($5) and Paypal fees (a lot more than $5)
  • The free bonus book has been downloaded 29 times (only mentioned on the “thank you” page)

While Refactoring Redmine won’t be hitting the New York Times best seller list this month, I’ve been ecstatic over the results so far. A big thing I’ve been testing was to see how many copies would sell post-launch if I didn’t put a lot of effort into marketing. It looks it’s averaging about 4-5 copies per week, which is awesome.

I’m starting to brainstorm ideas for future blog posts about the book. Some questions I’ve already heard are:

  • how did I create it?
  • what technology did I use?
  • how am I marketing it?
  • what services did I used

Any other topics you would like me to write about?

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