Refactoring Redmine, the ebook launched

Today is a great day for me; I’m finally launching Refactoring Redmine. Refactoring Redmine is an ebook of 82 real world Ruby on Rails refactorings that I’ve done to Redmine. If you’re a reader of this blog, you have probably seen some of my refactoring over the past year.

If you ever had trouble learning how to refactor Ruby on Rails, or want to see more examples of how it’s done; I think Refactoring Redmine will help you. These refactoring are real refactorings done to real production Ruby on Rails code.

Go to to buy your copy.

P.S. I’m also giving away a free bonus for a limited time; my Rails Refactoring Guide. This short guide gives you a better glimpse into the process I use during my daily refactorings.

  • when to refactor
  • picking which code to refactor
  • picking the refactoring method to use (always a hard problem since there are over 90 methods listed on alone.
  • how to handle test coverage

Look for how to download the Rails Refactoring Guide after you’ve ordered Refactoring Redmine.