Progress Review – November 2007

November Goals and Actions

I was wrong about setting so many goals for November. Being booked solid, my time was spread to thin between my goals and my client’s projects.

  1. $7,000 in revenue

    Midway through the month, I found the only way I could hit this target was to either add another project to my workload or work 12 hour days. I decided to lower my target to $5,000, which I reached with a strong push at the end of the month.

  2. Planning completed on a free web resource

    I completed the planning but discovered that the offer wasn’t that good so I scrapped the idea for now.

  3. Finish all portfolio tasks

    Completed two more but couldn’t find the time to finish up the rest of them.

  4. Meet 5 new people

    I was introduced and met 5 new people, hitting my goal by midmonth.

  5. Get 5 new newsletter subscriptions

    My newsletter subscriptions have slacked off the past couple of months so I missed this goal by 3 people. I’m going evaluate the effectiveness of newsletters soon.

  6. Speed read at 750 words per minute with 70% comprehension

    Sadly, I couldn’t find any time to commit to this goal.

December Goals

With a lot of holidays and time off in December, I am going to use this time to finish up my current commitments and start some planning for 2008. The goals I selected for December are:

  1. $4,000 in revenue – Finishing up my current projects should generate close to this amount.
  2. Complete planning on my redesign – I am planning a major redesign for my business website the beginning of 2008. Yes that is why I was asking for web designers earlier.
  3. Meet 5 new people – I think meeting 5 people has been a good goal that I can accomplish each month.
Some lessons I learned from this month:
  • Track your commitments: Committing to too many things at once will cause you to fail at all of them. It is better to move slowly than to burnout.
  • Do what you love to do: If you are going to spend the rest of your life doing something, make sure you love it. Otherwise you are doing yourself and everyone around you a disservice.