Progress Review – April 2008

In my last review, I thought I was overbooked for only the first half of April. By the end of the month, I ended up being overbooked the entire month. Good news is I worked on a a couple of really cool projects. Bad news is I didn’t make any progress on my goals.

April Goals Results
  1. Complete all my Level 1 marketing habits
    I couldn’t make the time to work on my marketing regularly. I would dig into working on customer projects and by the time I looked up, it was dinner time. If I can keep my workload to a sane level, I’ll have time for other goals.

    Completed: 0%

  2. Open Source three applications
    This goal hit the same roadblock as my first goal; too much time spent on customer projects. I’m still planning to open source the projects, it will just be bit latter.

    Completed: 0%

May Goal

Taking the advise of several people, I’m going to focus on only one of my 2008 goals this month, Meeting 15 new people. I’ve been making good progress in 2008 but I still have a long way to reach 100 new people. By striving for this, I can boost up my other other marketing activities and help motivate me.