Postponing Tech Learning Series

I’ve been doing a weekly tech learning series every Friday for the past few weeks. Each morning I’d budget 1 hour to learn a new piece of technology and then write up my thoughts about it.

Even though I only budget one hour to the learning, I end up using two to four hours for everything. Reviewing my results, writing about the results, and recording a screencast of the final app takes a lot of time to put together. It’s fun, just time consuming.

Just this week I booked my last client which effectively takes up all of my time for the next few months. Actually, I’m a bit overbooked. This means that I have to cut back on anything that isn’t 100% essential until I can get some things off my plate (I’m talking with a VA to have some help with administrative tasks).

Until I can get everything squared away, I’m going to postpone my tech learning series. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to start it back up once things have settled down.