Open Source Friday #4 – 2011-05-27

Last week’s Open Source Friday was a busy one so I’ll get right into it:

#425 Deprecation warning when using ChiliProject with Rake 0.9: Rake has had a recent update that seems to have deprecated some older APIs. Starting to feel like it’s deprecation season in Rails-land these days.

#202 Adding the theme used on to the repository: has been running on a custom version of the Squeejee theme since we launched. At the request of several people I included the theme into the main repository for the 1.4.0 release. It isn’t the default theme but will be available as an option.

#424 Loading issue context menu causes two identical AJAX requests: Gregor Schmidt and Emilio Palma found and fixed a bug where the right click context menu would send two requests to the server. I was surprised that this was still around since I remember reporting it back in 2008.

#423 Remove explicit render from WikiController#show: Tom Kersten has been working on some new PDF code for ChiliProject and sent in a patch to make sure the Wiki sidebar is rendered explicitly. It isn’t a bug unless you’re hacking on the WikiController… which Tom Kersten is!

#409 [AAJ] Check that bugfix 784bbccf was merged: as part of the major acts_as_journalized system, we’ve had to go back and do some more code reviews of recent changes. This bugfix was one of them and helps to make sure that the tests are testing Custom Fields too.

#416 Refactor watcher_tag and watcher_link to use css selectors for the replace action: Gregor Schmidt did some work on how issue watchers work. When an issue is watched, several elements on the page have to be updated (top Watch star, bottom Watch star, and the sidebar list of watchers). Gregor’s code made this simplier, instead of having to list every thing to update we can now use CSS selectors to update everything. I was happy to review and commit this patch because I was noticing how ugly the watching code was getting and I have a bunch of my own features to include soon.

#345 Entering large numbers for ‘Estimated Time’ fails with ‘Invalid big Decimal Value’: way back on Redmine we had to add a security patch to handle large numbers. Since the security bug was fixed on Rails 2.3.3 the patch wasn’t needed anymore and I was able to remove it.

#350 Setting model should use Rails.cache instead of class variable: Jan Schulz-Hofen proposed a change to how ChiliProject caches it’s Settings. Before this it used class level variables to cache them which had a bunch of problems. Jan, Felix, Gregor, and Holger did some work on it to convert the cache to use Rails’ built in caching. This might be a slight performance improvement but it will also let us using other caching systems like memcached automatically. I reviewed the code and committed the first set of changes, Felix is looking at making a few tweaks to it before 2.0.0 is released.

1.4.0 release: The biggest news of all was that I packaged up and released ChiliProject 1.4.0. This should be the final stable release of the 1.x series, we are getting 2.0.0 ready to release next. (Since Friday ChiliProject 2.0.0RC1 was also released).

Things are staying quite busy in ChiliProject for me. Been doing a lot more code reviews and patch checking than normal while everyone is getting these releases out.