Open Source Friday #3 – acts_as_journalized bug fixes 2011-05-20

Last Friday was a busy one for ChiliProject.

I started the day off with our second Development Meeting 1 where we discussed

  • the state of ChiliProject 2.0.0
  • goals for our 3.0.0 release
  • what to start posting on the ChiliProject blog

It was a great meeting like always and we were able to stick to the 1 hour time frame. I would like to get some more people involved next time, especially to help work on our Teams a bit.

Wrap long text fields properly in PDF exports: Hugo Ferreira discovered a bug in our PDF exports where long fields weren’t wrapping correctly (like the issue subject) and would disappear off of the page. I was able to review his pull request and merged it into the master branch to be included in ChiliProject 1.4.0.

Replace favicon: Muntek noticed that we never changed the favicon since we forked from Redmine. I already had the image in the theme we are using on so it was an easy addition.

Last week I performed the merge of acts_as_journalized into unstable. While the code was almost done, there are a few bugs and areas that needed to be reviewed before it’s release. One of those was found and patched by Felix, where the Activity event types weren’t correct. It was a simple fix once it was found and should also make it easier to show different changes in the Activity stream better.

Another major change I did last Friday was to review all of changes to the Journals from acts_as_journalized to make sure we didn’t miss any bug fixes or features from the merge. There ended up being quite a bit missing, which is probably because acts_as_journalized was split off from the core code a long time ago and I’ve done some refactoring in there since then. The main changes were:

  • removing Journal diffs
  • fixing the Atom feed
  • adding the Journal preview
  • adding the missing tests

So last week’s Open Source Friday was a productive one. Not really any new features, just a bunch of bugs fixed. I have to say, I’m happy that we are doing so many code reviews now. Half of these bugs wouldn’t have been found without reviewing what each other is doing.