Interesting Links #2

Was able to start to catch up on some developer links I had bookmarked this week:

  • No True “mod_ruby” Is Damaging Ruby’s Viability On The Web – Peter Cooper wants to know why there isn’t there a good mod_ruby for Apache.
  • Merb 0.5.0 is out – Hot on the tails of my last set of links, Merb has just released their latest version. It sounds like their next point release will be separated into the core and extras.
  • loupe.js – Cool JavaScript library to “zoom” over parts of an image. It can also display part of another image under the magnifying glass (X-ray).
  • Reinventing the Clipboard – Coding Horror talks about the limitation of the Windows clipboard to only hold one thing at a time. Linux and Emacs have had multiple clipboards for some time now, it’s amazing Microsoft hasn’t added this feature.
  • 2007: The Ruby on Rails Year in Review – Very nice review of the progress Ruby on Rails made in 2007. Let’s make 2008 even better.