Guides for Businesses to Automate Marketing and Rescue Projects

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just released two free guides for software businesses over at Little Stream Software.

How to Use Software to Improve Your Marketing

Businesses live and die by their customers. They are either trying to get more customers or build better relationships with the ones they already have.

Marketing can find more customers but it can take a lot of time, effort, and failures to find what works.

In this guide, I explain how software and automation can improve your marketing and give examples of how software can be used for the first stage, lead generation.

Download How to Use Software to Improve Your Marketing

Software Rescue Projects

No one enjoys a failed software project. But before it’s failed there is the chance to rescue it.

Software Rescue projects have become more common as the speed of development and change increase.

In this guide you’ll learn the causes of failing projects as well as ways to rescue them before they become total failures.

Download Software Rescue Projects

I’m working on additional guides, which I’ll be releasing as I finish them. By signing up for the Little Stream Software newsletter you can hear about them when they’re released.

Eric Davis