Chirk HR – Launching Soon

I have great news today. After months of research and development I’m happy to unveil a new product I’ve been working on.

Chirk HR logo

Chirk HR is a web application for human resource professionals to find and hire better applicants. Using the pool of applicants that every job posting generates, Chirk HR will let HR reuse the 99% of applicants who weren’t offered a position the first time. In other words, a job posting might have 100 applicants but since only one person is hired in the end there are 99 applicants who aren’t hired. Chirk HR helps reuse those 99 applicants with the next position.

Chirk HR is still new. It is the creative atom from 30×500 or the MVP from Lean Startup. Raw, simple, and (hopefully) useful.

If you want to get early access, you can register to be notified below or read more about Chirk HR on the website.