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Brighthouse and some Trunky Goodness

I have now updated the theme here, if you are viewing it vi RSS just stop by and check it out. I am using the Brighthouse theme by Richard White. I like the cleanliness of the theme. But most important it is maintained more than some of the other themes I have seen, so I will know that it ‘should’ always work on Typo trunk.

Speaking of Typo trunk, I also updated to it recently (r1004 to be precise). Not really many updates for me, but I have noticed my tags are suddenly working again. I will find out if I can select the categories while writing content in a bit. One downside is my server status sidebar is broken, guess I should patch it up soon. Night!

Eric Davis

Rolling in Style

I finally got off my arse last night and started working on my own theme for Typo. It is a simple Azure mod and is now visable here.

This should buy me enough time to do some more plugins and maybe a brand new Typo theme.